250TPH Portable Crusher Plants Lubricating System

The portable crusher single track progressive lubrication system is composed by lubricating pump, the progressive oil divider, the pipeline attachment and the control device. When the lubricating system feed lubricating oil, a series of progressive oil divider pistons make the reciprocal motion according to certain order. Various oil output ports discharge the lubricating oil in turn according to certain order. The oil output is mainly determined by the oil divider’s the piston movement and the sectional area. The system grease scope is within 0#-3#. Working pressure is 1-25MPa. Discharge scope is 0.08-20ml/time. The filtration precision is 150 u. Lubrication points are about 1-200. The pipeline length is 150m. The progressive oil divider are most may meet three levels.

portable crusher

The system is equipped with the indication rod and the jam warning device so as to monitor the feed condition of various oil injection points. When the system is jammed or some point cannot be lubricated the indication rod will stop and the warning device will send out the alarm immediately. The indication rod movement can realize timing or counting. 
The Features: 
1. Lubricating quantity is accurate. 
2. Regionalizing performance: Namely the independent region operation with near controls
3. Easily determine the fault point
4. Easily maintain& replace the oil divider. 

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