Credible porrable crusher creates great cause


YiFan company production system sand machine solved the problem of the shortage of natural sand, sand get effective supply.Sand making machine's simple structure can realize the value of such a large, also need according to sand making machine's working site, such as porrable crusher has good engineering geology conditions: site should avoid construction in fault, landslide, and flood level, should keep clear of soluble iron, silt, and humus soil, such as a bad lot or the protection of cultural relics.

portable crusher

Pebbles, limestone, pyroxenite, such as a large number of mining stones can be used to system sand used for dressing. Natural sandstone long abusage have already can't realize now the demand of the market, zhengzhou YIFAN mechanical equipment co., LTD. through several years of research, the launch of the new system porrable crusher mainly by vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher,third generation sand making machine (fine grinding machine), sand washer, vibrating screen and tape transmission machine and other equipment combination and become, is a professional system sand production equipment.
YIFAN porrable crusher working principle is mainly through the stone by coarse crushing machine for preliminary broken, then a coarse material production by belt conveyor to fine grinding machine for further crushing, fine grinding after the stone into the vibrating screen screen ceding two stones, and meet the system sand machine feed particle size pebble into system sand mechanism sand, another part return product into fine broken. Into the system sand machine part stone made of sand, the sand washer (optional) after cleaning products made from sand, another part into system sand machine broken again.

Zhengzhou YiFan mechanical equipment co., LTD. Deals in mining industry related equipment dozens of years, the management of the crusher, system sand machine, impact crusher,cone crusher, new jaw crusher, porrable crusher, building garbage processing equipment, etc., in the domestic market effect has been steadily forward.


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