Four impact crusher common failure and treatment methods


The impact crusher is a relatively common crusher equipment, in the use process we can easier to see some of the following issues: impact crusher abnormal vibration; impact Crusher bearing fever; material particle size is too large; belt flip. YIFAN Machinery impact crusher experts answer it for you.

impact crusher

1. The impact crusher abnormal vibration question:

One reason: Material into the crusher is too large, you can check the feed size.

Two reasons: Uneven wear, counterattack hammerhead needs to be replaced.

Three reasons: Rotor imbalance needs to be adjusted.

Four reasons: The basis of improper handling, need to check the anchor bolts and reinforcement.

2. Impact Crusher bearing fever problems:

One reason: Impact crusher bearings lack of oil, the need for timely refueling, of course, also make too much fuel bearing heating, refueling, be sure to check the oil level.

Two reasons: Bearing damage to the timely replacement of the bearings.

Three reasons: The superstructure tight to adjust bolt, and an appropriate degree is appropriate.

3. Impact crusher feed size is too large:

One reason: The hammerhead wear, need to hammer to tune idle or replacement.

Two reasons: Hammerhead and impact crusher plate gap is too large, general adjustment from 15-20mm.

Three reasons: Feed size is too large will also affect the discharge size.

4. Impact crusher belt flip question:

One reason: The crusher belt wear, the need to replace the V-belt.

Two reasons: Belt lose assembly problems, the need to adjust the pulley on the same plane.

Three reasons: V-belt itself quality, wear-resistant high quality of the V-belt needs to be replaced.

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