Impact crusher is more suitable for coal crushing


Today's increasingly fierce market competition, the cost of mining is gradually rising, in order to control costs, we must need to find new points of large-scale mining and perfect the mechanism of corporate mining. Make their own such as the ability to have on-site crushing operations Should be able to achieve this, the cost of mining will be able to get a large extent reduce this, in order to do well, in addition to the expansion of enterprise scale, but also choose the right crushing equipment, from the current point of view, the most suitable for the production characteristics than the impact crusher.

impact crusher

Chose impact crusher is consider the results from many aspects, on the one hand, the impact crusher relative to the more efficient, the rotor has greater kinetic energy, more suitable for crushing hard materials, low energy consumption; on the other hand, the physical properties of the coal is soft, wet, impact crusher in dealing with large water content materials can counterattack plate and feed chute at the installation of a heating device enables crushing work more efficient.

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery production PF series impact crushers wider application in coal crushing operations,
And it makes up the easy to plug the shortcomings of the old-fashioned impact crusher, the work efficiency is further improved, discharging size, discharging granularity controllability more, uUndoubtedly more suitable for the current crushing work.

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