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Domestic production of jaw crusher models shaped variety. Years ago, Federal Republic of Germany and the former Soviet Union have developed over the hydraulically driven jaw crusher . Its characteristics are improved in order to increase the number of movable jaw swing production , while the hydraulic adjustment to achieve the discharge opening , hydraulic overload protection and can load start. Federal Germany had impact jaw crusher , and the former Soviet Union also created a vibration jaw crusher ( also called inertial jaw crusher ) . They all rely on shock and vibration jaw crusher materials to enhance the performance of the crusher . The former trial ever had in our country , for some reason could not continue to develop . East Germany had to live a simple pendulum manufacture dual-chamber jaw crusher , the United States produced dual-chamber compound pendulum jaw crusher . Beijing and Hunan University, an institute factories have developed a dual-chamber cooperation with jaw crusher , which is characterized by intermittent work into making continuous work in order to enhance the efficiency of the crusher . It addition to improving efficiency, while reducing crusher load so heavy machine alleviate a lot .

      This crusher is the crushing machine to remove the original two on the rear from the front wall . For two movable jaw synchronous operation , the eccentric shaft end in the creation of a folio -style gear . Because of its structure is too complex , and this year the development of a uniaxial double action jaw hanging down crusher . Shanghai Institute has developed over such a jaw crusher . Characteristics of these two crusher is that its movable jaw synchronous operation, the crusher discharge mandatory . Thus , by increasing the number of revolutions of the crusher increased production , and because of the materials and moving jaw is no relative motion , reduce liner wear and prolong life. In recent years has developed a single-action jaw crusher jaw hanging down . Years ago, the United States , United Kingdom, Federal Republic of Germany have produced Kue-Ken simple pendulum jaw crusher . Shandong has introduced such a crusher, and on this basis, developed Jc jaw crusher . Foreign manufacturers had placed a bracket upward jaw crusher . There are several domestic design institutes and factories producing such a crusher. Germany to introduce a coal mine in Shanxi WB8/26 jaw crusher . The machine is placed above the belt , with the crank linkage driven moving jaw crushed coal , the use of better.

      Development of the above -shaped crusher have achieved some results and the development of domestic crusher industry has played a certain role in promoting and facilitating . Technical performance are more advanced , not only uses a combination of modern design and good mechanical manufacturing process. From various countries for the crusher manufacturing, can be seen in various countries for the attention and importance of the crusher industry , market demand continues to improve, also contributed to the crusher industry technology innovation and upgrading , and jaw crusher determines its own advantages should not be overlooked in the future development momentum crushing industry .

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