Monolithic thin oil lubrication equipment installation of GP

In the tubing length allowed range, lubrication and adjusting device should be elected in the few dust position. Lubrication and adjusting device must be setted on the ground and isolated from the vibrating support . The move can greatly extend the lubrication and the adjustment device parts life. 
Choose lubrication and adjusting device installation position, should also pay attention to matters as follows:
 In any case the equipment have no water, otherwise will make the electrical components damaged. 
The equipment must leave enough space, so that lubricating oil replacement. 
Fan air flow through the lubrication device upper cooler and  before and after the cooler the obstacles does not allow . The air volume through the cooler cooling fin is about 100 m 3 / min, air velocity is about 5 m/s. 
Monolithic thin oil lubrication equipment all element consists of a rigid body, after installation without anchor bolt fastening; On the discharge of smaller monolithic thin oil lubrication equipment,  install smoothly in level 20mm common cement ground a little bigger than the equipment length and width .

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