Parts of the portable crusher


The portable crusher mainly have the feed system, centralized control and monitoring system, crushing system.

portable crusher

Feeding system

When the operator to set the production parameters, equipment sensors will automatically detect the parameters, and sent to the feeder equipment, so that the whole system is synchronized coordination through the converter.

Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher the core of portable crusher equipment, it uses a V-nip angle technology as well as a convenient and flexible discharge opening adjusting mechanism, the new short brackets Big swing angle parameter design, making the machine has a lot of processing power, which represents the international advanced level.

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher with world-class manufacturing processes, selection of the most high-end production of materials, improved adjustment device, reducing downtime and maintenance time. Comes with open-top device can quickly complete the replacement of hammer and wearing parts, self-contained conveyor for crushing and screening of the broken material handling, large output, efficiency, economy, adaptability.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher structure characterized  is the use of lamination technology and based on user demand different eccentric distance, the different shape of the cavity, and compared it with the traditional cone crusher, production capacity has been greatly improved, and the fine products greatly increase. The machine is equipped with an overload protection device, able to the wet control digital signal, automatically adjusted to ensure the stability and uniformity of the grain.

Sand making machine

The sand making all three breakup mode in one week shield local wear vertical turn around and use to improve material utilization can increase the service life of more than 48% of. The deep cavity-type rotor optimized design, so the material by about 30%, suitable for sand and gravel aggregate crushing shaping processing capacity, adaptable and efficient economy.

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is the key equipment screening equipment package, the machine uses the double eccentric shaft and eccentric block vibration exciter and tire couplings, excitation strong vibration noise, smooth running, durable, large capacity, fully embodies the contemporary international advanced level.

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