Portable crusher accelerate construction waste into resource


Beautification and development of the city, as well as to the surrounding areas of serious environmental pollution, the various urban construction garbage piling up in the peri-urban areas, to hide enormous environmental pollution risks, if not addressed, will seriously restricting the development of China's cities.

portable crusher

2007 Yifan portable crusher investment in R & D to launch China's first applied to the construction waste disposal equipment and put into the market to use. So far, Zhengzhou Yifan launched over fifty models of portable crusher plant, construction waste disposal equipment and crawler portable crusher station, every research and development of new products, like a bomb thrown Amidst concern the eyes, Yifan achieve a time of metamorphosis.

Zhengzhou Yifan portable crusher equipment is specifically for construction waste processing and R & D and manufacturing, a collection of feed, broken transmission equipment as a whole, as opposed to all kinds of fixed crusher production line, portable crusher's largest can easily crusher, trailer and shipped to the job site. Not required to be fitted with the time, equipment arrived to work immediately, greatly improved work efficiency. The equipment state-of-the-art technology, fully functional, in any terrain, any location can be easily reached, using a wireless remote control operation, with international advanced level peers of similar equipment products, and easy maintenance, operating cost, stable and reliable.

Associated with the birth of the construction waste disposal equipment portable crusher, the domestic construction waste production of recycled brick and recycled aggregate began to rise, this indicates that China has embarked on the construction waste on the road toward resource utilization.

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