Portable crusher bring significant effect to coal mining


Open coal mine is commonly under the earth,environment is bad,General stone crushing line is difficult to crush.With the progress of technology,Nobody operation mining technology and traditional mining process automation is the core of the automatic mining or remote control mining developed, portable crusher are spreaded and applied in country open coal mine.

portable crusher
Due to the portable crusher used to drive way, in any terrains, it  can be convenient to drive the job site, so portable crusher is favored by large open coal mine.Zhengzhou YIFAN, as the most advanced portable crusher manufacturer,the newest portable crusher bring significant effect to coal mining.
The portable crusher combile feeding,crushing, conveying as a whole,it has the excellent rock crushing, aggregate production, open-air coal mining of crushing work function,according to the different needs of different customers to flexible configuration level crushing, secondary crushing and third level crushing, but for all levels and crushing and screening optimization combination, through the different type of joint, form a powerful crushing work line, complete many need processing work.
portable crusher mainly contain cone portable crusher,jaw portable crusher,portable impact crusher and so on.Compact structure, stable performance, screening equipment adopts 20 ° inclination, screening is efficient and reliable.

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