Portable crusher change coal ash into cement brick


As we all known, coal ash recycling is not unusual in the industry,making reasonable use of coal ash to produce cement brick,can turn the coal ash to treasures.Coal ash recycling can not leave the function of portable crusher,the application of portable crusher is trusted by government and users,portable crusher have a bright development future.
Coal ash is one of the biggest industrial waste residue in our country, and its pollution harm quantity is also very big. The environmental protection building materials industry experts combined with the overseas energy conservation and environmental protection building materials example experience, with the domestic industrial waste residue (fly ash) test and analysis, the integration of a set of fly ash concrete block production process, it can be said is serving many purposes! Fly ash cement block need makings is fly ash, the dosage of fly ash in the process of materials more than seventy-five percent. It is a kind of silicon content higher raw material and calcareous raw materials (limestone) combined, has the very good insulation effect, light etc.
Portable crusher is one of the most improtant products in YIFAN,and is in the leading place.Suitable for crushing compression strength no more than 280 mpa minerals, rocks and slag, etc., mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramic, etc.industrial departments to be broken and fine grinding in all sorts of medium hard ore and rock, etc. Especially for hard, strong corrosive material crushing, choose the most suitable hydraulic portable crusher.
Zhengzhou YIFAN portable crusher is the new crusher speciallized in recycling coal ash,is produced by experts through researching, portable crusher is based on the updated design improvement, for the vast number of users at home and abroad to provide a kind of new, high efficiency, energy saving and crushing equipment. At the beginning of the production process, coal gangue by feeder evenly sent to coarse crushing machine mobile crushing station for preliminary broken, then, a coarse material produced by belt conveyor delivery to mobile crushing station for further crushing, fine grinding after the stone into the vibrating screen screen ceding different specifications of stones, do not meet the requirements of the particle size pebble return product into mobile crushres again.



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