Portable crusher is proud of remarkable performance


Airport expansion, xiangjiaba hydropower station, the JinAnQiao hydropower station, the baoquan pumped storage power station, the dam hydropower station, gansu nine survey gorge water conservancy hub project, shenyang - dalian highway, hangzhou high-speed, high-speed each expansion, Beijing and other high-speed bearing construction, like these buildings construction need to use different crushing screening equipment to complete.such as cone crusher,jaw crusher,impact crusher,vertical shaft impact crusher,portable crusher and stone production line,they are all the essential mining equipments.

portable crusher
Portable crusher is new.small cover area, little impact to surrounding environment.The remarkable performance of portable crusher: strong mobility, tire portable crusher length is short, different crushing equipment are installed in independent mobile chassis, wheelbase short, turning radius small, can in ordinary highway and working areas flexible driving.
The integration series portable crusher can be used independently, also can according to customers on the flow of the material type, product requirements, provide more flexible process configuration, satisfy user mobile crushing, mobile screen classification requirements, make generation organization, logistics transport more direct and effective, and to maximize cost reduction.
Flexible combination,well-adapted:
Tire portable crusher according to different crushing process requirement composition "first crushing after screen", also can form a "first screen after crushed" process, crushing station according to the actual demand can be combined into coarse crushing, fine grinding two stage crushing screening system, also can assemble crushed and broken, fine grinding in three stage crushing screening system, but also can run separately, and has great flexibility.
Reliable performance, easy maintenance:
Zhengzhou YIFAN crushing and screening equipment:jaw crusher,impact crusher,vertical shaft impact crusher,cone crusher and so on. The main products of portable crusher all adopt these products,which is Higher strength, better performance, more compact structure.


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