Sand Collecting System can solve the fine sand recovery ques

At present, Production line of manufactured sand, mostly utilize a wet production craft,regardless adopting any style of the sand washer, its biggest weakness is that the fine sand(<=0.16mm)runs off seriously,have of even run off 20% above, this not only decrease the yield,but also seriously influence the sand gradation, which results in the gradation being not reasonable,the fineness module being partial to thick and largely lowering the product quality of the manufactured sand. Too many fine sands are exhausted will also result in the pollution of the environment.

Sand Collecting System

In order to solve the above questions, we research and manufacture the SS series sand collecting system. Which is designed on the base of absorbing the world advanced technology. They are utilized widely in aggregate processing system,the processing system of glass raw material, the production line of manufactured sand, and so on, they can solve the fine sand recovery questions.
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