Technical advantages of portable crusher


Jaw crusher,impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, vibrating screen, crushing and screening equipment for China's mineral resources, mining, road construction, after the reform and opening up has made a great contribution. The new intelligent products on the longitudinal development of the crushing and screening equipment, hydraulic crusher, mobile crushing station by the favor of the market.

portable crusher

The portable crusher breakthrough fixed broken venues, high material transportation cost constraints of the traditional job-site crushing of the material, the nearest job. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, transportation, water conservancy and other industries.

Portable crusher main technical advantages:

    1.Good mobility. Directly depth jobsites, both for ordinary road, and also facilitate mobile rugged harsh road environment.
    2.The structure is compact, easy to use. The integration vehicle equipment, significant savings in floor space. Comes with a vehicle-mounted generator sets, motor and control box, facilitate field operations; supporting car installation support equipment in the field stationed convenient.
    3.Cost savings, and reduce costs. portable crusher plant on-site crushing of materials avoid materials turnaround links, greatly reduce the cost of transportation of the material.
    4.Higher applicability. Portable crusher can not only stand-alone group run independently, can also be combined into coarse crushing, crushing two-stage crushing and screening system, primary crushing, secondary crushing, crushing a three-stage crushing and screening system; according to site need to be combined into the first broken after sieve or The first screen broken system.
    5.Stable performance, easy maintenance. The portable crusher is equipped with the YIFAN performance crusher, feeder and vibrating screen, stable performance, easy maintenance; materials shipped with a conventional belt conveyors, simple operation, the technology is mature, less investment and high income.
    6.Flexible configuration. Portable crusher in accordance with the requirements of the customer's job site, materials, grain type, specifically tailored to provide customers with more equipment suitable for the production needs, such as: stand-alone, multi-product modular belt conveyor self contained .

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