YIFAN Impact Crusher function to adapt to the harsh mining c


 Mining crushing industry generally in the suburbs and even the mountains, the terrain complex, inaccessible and sparsely populated. Because of certain constraints, customers in the configuration of the production line is often difficult to achieve a comprehensive, plus some mine complex structure and stone abrasive, Therefore, many of the mining areas mining conditions are very harsh. The mechanical operation of the process, especially crushing equipment wear parts wear very serious, wear parts can be used year under normal circumstances, in this case, can use only a few months or even a few days; Frequent replacement wear parts will result in increased production costs and, more importantly, will increase the security risks. Therefore, how to choice adapt to the harsh mining conditions crushing equipment and wear parts is a very important thing.

impact crusher

The mine's production line configuration, generally including feeder equipment, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating screen and so on. Which, several crusher is the most important part of the production line, ore crushing completed by them. Jaw crusher as early crushing equipment, to choose the jaw crusher with crushing chamber depth and no dead zone, the lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy to replace parts; Cone crusher for crushing hard materials like granite, basalt, cobblestone; Impact Crusher crushing brittle materials such as limestone, coal, dolomite; The Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher should use the equipment of large crushing ratio, good particle morphology, the less impact of moisture content of materials.

Yifan Machinery holds the dominant position in the research and development of the impact crusher, its impact crusher produced sand and gravel aggregate, hardness, level with the management and grain shape is good, is the most high-quality sand, and also the preparation of a high-quality concrete, building a stable base of a strong guarantee.

Select more important than the result, choose a good crushing equipment manufacturer, will bring you an unexpected harvest.

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