Impact crusher Application Notes


Rational use of Impact crusher can extend the life of equipment, improve the efficiency of the crusher, reducing operating costs. Then, in the actual operation of the process of how to do the rational use of, the following is a matter for the rational use of Impact crusher should be noted: 

impact crusher

Preparations  before starting 

(1) carefully check bearing lubrication is good, whether the connection brackets have enough grease. 

(2) Carefully check whether all the tightening is a good fastening. 

(3) carefully check the motor belt is good, when there is oil on the belt or pulley, we should use  the cloth to wipe them. 

(4) Check whether there is debris in the crushing cavity in order to ensure that the crusher-load start. 

Notes at start 

(1) The inspection proved the case when the various parts of the machine can be a good start. 

(2) start, there must be prompt warning information security. 

(3) After the start, if there is not a normal situation, you should stop immediately. 

Precautions when using 

(1) the normal operation of the crusher before they can begin feeding. 

(2) normal operating conditions, bearing temperature does not exceed 30, when the temperature exceeds the above, should be immediately stopped, identify the cause and eliminate. 

(3) shut down as a result of the crushing cavity material completely ruled out, only to disable the motor. 

(4) When broken, as a result of obstruction caused by the crushing cavity exclude parking, should immediately turn off the power.

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